Ministry Teams

two or more people with a shared passion that helps us fulfill our purpose to “engage in worship, pursue justice and nurture all who enter our doors”

Throughout the three Commissions, we have over 50 ministry teams.


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helping us assess our progress and reach our goals on an ongoing basis

Co-Leaders: Bill Marshall & Jennifer Schaeffer


Church Directory

developing picture directory every five years

Co-Leaders: Diane Kraft & Marty Turner


Church Picnic

throwing our annual picnic in September

Co-Leaders: John Bowes & Molly Lewis


Continuing Connections

reaching out to those who cannot be with us in worship on an ongoing basis

Co-Leaders: Lee Carroll & Mary White


Dinners 4 Eight

organizing our Spring Dinner group gatherings

Co-Leaders: Jim DeMoss & Chad Mueller


Intercessory Prayer Network

coordinates a network that offers intercessory prayer for anyone in need

Co-Leaders: Hazel Farley



welcoming people to FPC during their first 90 days

Co-Leaders: Jenny Beck



fostering connections during newcomers’ first year with the congregation through brunch events and classes

Co-Leaders:  Alice Hollingsworth & Diane Kraft


Pulpit Rose Team

celebrating the birth of new members of the church family

Co-Leaders: Helen Kelly & Donna Staats


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Adult Education

proving adult education opportunities

Co-leaders: Jay Bright & Chris Chrisman


Advent Children’s Celebration

hosting a breakfast and craft worship for children celebrating Advent with a mission partner

Co-Leaders: Volunteers Needed

Kelly Nicol, Staff Liaison


Angel Tree

identify agencies, determine needs, collect and coordinate delivery of gifts

Co-Leaders: Volunteers Needed


Art Gallery Team

scheduling rotating art exhibits in the FPC Gallery

Co-Leaders: Nancy Smith & Eric Iversen

Marlon Hurst, Staff Liaison



celebrating baptisms at FPC

Kelly Nicol, Staff Liaison


Blackcat Backpack Program

identifying students in need of food over the weekend and supplying them with food

Co-Leaders: Christi Elkins-Gabbard


Born Learning Academy

partnering with an early childhood development program.

Co-Leaders: Rebecca Mueller & Susan Keegan


Café Citadelle

provide coffee service on Sunday mornings and sell coffee from Haiti that have come through Alltech in support of sustainable development in Haiti.

Co-Leaders: Clara McKinley, Eliza Jane Schaeffer & Kelly Hill

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Chancel & Chamber Choirs

providing musical leadership for worship services and presenting seasonal performances

Co-Leaders:  Bettie Zent

Marlon Hurst, Staff Liaison


Children’s Choir

planning and teaching children from age 4 -grade 5 hymns, choral anthems, psalms, and age-appropriate singing skills

Co-Leaders:  Kathi Fleming & Diane Timmons

Marlon Hurst, Staff Liaison


Children’s Ministry

planning and implementing education, activities and events to develop the spiritual formation of the children (birth – 5th grade) of FPC

Kelly Nicol, Staff Liaison


Children’s Sunday School

planning and implementing Sunday school for children 3 years – 5th grade

Kelly Nicol, Staff Liaison


Communion Prep/Servers

providing and preparing communion for all worship services at which communion is served

Co-Leaders: Nancy Booth & Caroline Stanfill



plan and lead current 8th grade youth through Confirmation classes, retreats, dinners and Confirmation

Kelly Abraham & Caitlin Foehse, Staff Liaisons


Cornerstone Team

Co-Leaders: Susan Keegan & Rebecca Mueller

Mark Davis, Staff Liaison


Easter & Palm Sunday Children’s Celebration

planning and leading Palm Sunday processional and Easter Sunday hunt and celebration

Co-Leaders: Volunteers Needed

Kelly Nicol, co-lead, Staff Liaison


First Fixins

providing Thanksgiving meal baskets for members in the community who would otherwise go without.

Co-Leaders: Volunteers Needed

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Flower Team

providing flowers in the Sanctuary for worship services

Co- Leaders: Libby Brown (May, June, Aug), Ellen Chapman (Feb, Oct, Dec), Jeannie Codell (March, July, Nov) & Sarah Davis (Jan, Apr, Sept)


Fresh Stop

 coordinating a weekly food basket program that provides a secure market for Kentucky family farmers and affordable healthy produce to all

Co-Leaders: Chad Mueller


Gallery Hop

providing receptions and acting as docents for LexArts Gallery Hop events

Co-Leaders: Gloria Burd, Diane Kraft & Marty Turner

Marlon Hurst, Staff Liaison


Habitat for Humanity Build

scheduling and managing FPC’s participation in Habitat for Humanity’s building projects

Co-Leaders: Mark West & Volunteer Needed


Heartstrings College Ministry

providing monthly care packages to FPC members attending college

Co-Leaders: Nancy Booth & Lucy Calhoun

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Just Lunch

serving a free lunch to those in need on the last Saturday of each month

Co-Leaders: Rod Brotherton & Courtney LaGrew


Kroger Plus Community Rewards Program

organize FPC’s Kroger Plus Community Rewards program and promote congregational involvement

Co-Leaders: Nancy Booth

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Little Free Library

providing access to reading materials through a public access- leave a book, take a book

Co-Leaders: Susan Buhrow, Susan Combs & Clay Whiteheart


Living Waters

equipping volunteers from FPC to provide clean water in needy areas throughout the developing world

Co-Leaders: Jim Booth, Eric & Libby Iversen



providing a a mid-week afterschool intergenerational ministry for children, youth and adults

Ann-Phillips Mayfield, Director

Kelly Nicol, Kelly Abraham & Marlon Hurst, Staff Liaisons


LTMS After School Tutoring Snacks

providing healthy snack & drink for 22 LTMS students enrolled in after school tutoring

Co-Leaders: Lee Carroll & Mo Ethington


Mission Lexington

supporting Mission Lexington’s mission of providing free healthcare to uninsured working adults

Co-Leaders: Dean White & Linda White


Montreat Worship & Music Conference

coordinating the annual participation of FPC members at the annual worship and music

Co-Leaders: Volunteers Needed

Kelly Abraham & Marlon Hurst, Staff Liaisons


Moving Forward

offering a “state of the congregation” address

Co-Leaders: Bill Marshall & Carol Raitz


Music & Arts Camp

leading a one-week camp for children 3 years – 5th grade culminating with a musical performance

Marlon Hurst & Kelly Nicol, Staff Liaison


Music for Mission Team

coordinating the annual concert series of which money and awareness is raised for local mission

Co-Leaders: Jim & Nancy Booth, Ann-Phillips Mayfield & Clifton Smith

Marlon Hurst, Staff liaison


Music Library

maintaining the music library that resources all choirs and instrumentalists from children to adults

Co-Leaders: Volunteers Needed

Marlon Hurst, Staff Liaison



managing FPC’s nursery

Kelly Nicol, Staff Liaison


Outreach Team

Co-Leaders: Pam McGee

Caitlin Foehse, Staff Liaison


Pastor’s Bible Study

coordinating Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening lectionary readings and discussion with the preaching pastor

Co-Leaders: Jeff Jennings

Mark Davis, Staff Liaison


Room in the Inn

providing seasonal  winter shelter for homeless men in the Lexington area – one Sunday a month

Co-Leaders: Rolf Linder & Todd Mullins


Senior Recognition

recognize graduating high school youth and college young adults

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Souper Bowl of Caring

using the energy of the Super Bowl to mobilize youth in a united national effort to care for people in their local communities who are hungry and those in need

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Trivia Night & Silent Auction

host church-wide trivia night to benefit youth mission trips

Co-Leaders: Jim Booth & Steve Strup

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Ushering Team

welcome people as they gather for worship and helping prepare worship spaces

Co-Leaders: Jeff Jennings & Chad Mueller


Welcome to Worship

Holding a six-week class for current 2nd graders introducing them to worship at FPC

Kelly Nicol, Staff Liaison


Worship Design Team

Helping plan liturgy and involving greater congregation in worship

Co-Leaders: Helen Kelly & Walter May

Kelly Abraham, Mark Davis, Caitlin Foehse, Marlon Hurst & Kelly Nicol, Staff Liaisons


Youth Fellowship

plan and execute fellowship youth activities throughout the year

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Youth Mission Trips

plan and execute annual high school and middle school mission trips

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Youth Ski Trip

plan and execute youth ski trip

Co-Leaders: Tracy McKinley & Lisa Zent
Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


Youth Sunday school

plan and implement Sunday school for youth 6th-12th grades

Kelly Abraham, Staff Liaison


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Legacy Funds

The Legacy Fund trustees are charged with oversight of our legacy assets, their development and their growth.  Our trustees work closely with the senior leadership of the Presbyterian Foundation and the New Covenant Trust Company to ensure that these gifts are developed with an eye to their enduring witness.

Dr. Clifton Smith is the Convener of our trustees.  Serving with Clifton are Ellen Chapman, Susan Combs, Steve Kelly, Molly Lewis, Tom Miller, Wyn Paulson, and Dean White.

Our trustees are actively working to develop a planned giving society, the Society of 1784.  Members of this society include all who have signed a commitment expressing the inclusion of First Presbyterian Church of Lexington in their legacy giving.

All of our current trustees have executed such a document and we look forward to a celebration and launch of the Society of 1784 on May 17th, 2015 in worship.



The finance team meets on a regular basis to monitor and assist with the best practices of expense management and revenue development that are available in the various seasons of the life of the congregation.

Dr. Merl Hackbart is the convener of the team.  Other team members include Jeff Creech, Steve Kelly (treasurer), Rob Kirkpatrick, Clint McKinley, Tom Miller, Robert Minichan and Mike Staats.



The generosity team has a simple purpose, to help us know and tell our story.  This team is actively working with the new Ministry Support Team to expand the ways and means by which we help others know about First Church and our commitment to worship, justice and nurture.

The generosity team is a new ministry team begun in 2014.  Clint McKinley and Eben Hollingsworth anchor the team and are actively looking forward to expanding the core group by 3-4 motivated, and high functioning people in the coming months.



The property team has two main functions, the first is maintenance and repair of church buildings and property and the second is property development. This includes maintaining an inventory of church furnishings and equipment, making recommendations on equipment replacement and insurance, prioritization of requests for property projects, and authorization and oversight of facility use by outside organizations.

Team members include Susan Buhrow, Clyde Carpenter, Bill Chapman, Steve Kelly, Steve Milner, Darren Taylor, and Sid White.



The personnel committee researches and makes recommendations to the Resources Commission as it pertains to establishing, maintaining, and reviewing personnel policy guidelines and new hires.

Thomas Glover is the convener of the team.  Other team members include Jan Guy, Steve Kelly, Ann-Phillips Mayfield, Lewis Paisley, Paula Pope and Butch Welsh.



The stewardship team meets on a regular basis to organize and conduct annual fundraising for capital campaigns and special projects; support external partnerships such as Cornerstone; and plan and conduct the annual canvass that is intended to advance the spiritual and financial commitment of the congregation.

Dr. Jeff Creech is the convener of the team.  Other team members include Susan Buhrow, Lee Carroll, Mo Ethington, Jan Guy, Ann-Phillips Mayfield, Louis Gaver, Steve Kelly, Nell Line, Robert Minichan, George Pearson, Paula Pope, and David and Emily Startsman.